About the Artist



     In my artistic practice I try to make something everyday. For as long as I can remember I have been compelled to draw and create visual things, to communicate with those around me. It is only within the past several years that I have come to recognize this ritual as a process. The need I have to create something when an image flashes in my mind or when I resonate with some external visual creates conditions that I have to deal with in the moment. My hand and mind are guided by time restraints, available materials, subject matter, visual and/or concept intricacy, usefulness, etc.

     These factors enable a variety of productive creation rituals. I see these moments of habit mirrored in everyday tasks like sipping on coffee or combing your hair. In experiencing these moments as tasks you will often find that a ritual requires a tool or ritual object. I often include objects that I think are useful and have an intriguing form: comb, mug, radiator, telephone. My imagery is built upon the amalgamation of lines and forms that share a highly graphic aesthetic that sits somewhere between craft handiwork and industrial production of printed ephemera.

     Each component of my images I see as an icon or symbol. I am intrigued by the visual language of Mesoamerican and indigenous cultures around the world as well more modern institutions like the United States Postal Service and the way humans can compose a logical visual network. I hope to instill a sense of ancientness and modernity in my work, continuing to bridge time and place with the way we make use of objects and visual symbols in the ritual of communication.